Atlas recruits
These recruits are some of the best of the best and have been selested to be a part of TF Atlas, a multi-national Special Operations Task Force comprised of twelve different Tier 1 units from 10 different nations, TF Atlas was created for the purpose of joint training to increase interoperability between these elite units to gain knowledge, skills and experience in planning and leading allied Special Operations. These recruits will go through dummy bullet engagements to train them in CQB and teamwork.

Home TeamEdit

Fireteam AlphaEdit

Alfa-Feodor Mayakovsky -Sniper

JTF-2-Adam McEnzie-Heavy Gunner

Fireteam BravoEdit

JTF-2-Logan "Cheech" Sanderson-Spec Ops

SEAL-Cody "Chong" Smith-Demolitons

Fireteam CharlieEdit

SASR-Riley Lewis-Assaulter

UDT-Baye Park-Sniper

Fireteam DeltaEdit

SAS-Danny Smith-Sniper

GROM-Achym Kowalski-Demolitons

Fireteam EchoEdit

OGA-Dante Adams-Spec Ops

SFOD-D-Jim Patterson-Heavy Gunner

Away TeamEdit

Fireteam FoxtrotEdit


SAS-Jock-Spec Ops

Fireteam GolfEdit

KSK-Lukas Bäcker-Spec Ops

Alfa-Dimitri Bulganov-Pointman

Fireteam HotelEdit

OGA-Danny McAllen-Pointman

JTF-2-Billy Smith-Demolitons

Fireteam IndiaEdit


UDT-Chin Kim-Spec Ops

Fireteam JulietEdit

SEALs-Andrew Fisher-Pointman

SOG-Jaroslaw Soko³owski-Spec Ops


These recruits and operators are involved in keeping the training safe and deployment of support actions.

  • Gunfighter 06-Apache Gunship for Home team
  • Gunfighter 11-Apache gunship for Away team
  • Dusty-Overseer of training.
  • Ybarra-Air Space control for support actions.
  • Deuce-Weapons and Ammo overseer.