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Reggie Ripley





Reggie was born in Hawaii during WW2 when he finished college with a degree in engineering he was drafted by the Army for the Korean War he was a member of Task Force Faith and acculmalated 98 confirmed kills. He enlisted into the Navy after his Army tour was over. And after his Navy time was up he joined the USMC where he met Don Lý. Hes the oldest and most experienced of the platoon. He's also the demolitons expert for the platoon.


Born in Hawaii during WW2 his father was killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor. He was raised a patriotic American and a grade A student. He got a scholarship to Yale where he earned his degree in engineering. Shortly after graduating he was drafted by the Army to participate in Korea. Shortly after finishing his tour he joined the US Navy and returned to Korea as a UDT. And his time in the Navy ended when Vietnam began. 2 years after leaving the Navy he joined the Marines and restarted his carrer as a private. He was put into the same squad as Corporal Don and the became close freinds.


  • XM177E2
  • Colt Python
  • M7 Bayonet
  • M67 Grenade
  • Claymore M18A1
  • LAW