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Johnny Fines





Johhny Fines is a Boston native always with a loud mouth and ready for a fight. He dreams of becoming a MLB player for the Red Sox. One of his big brothers went around the world as a photagrapher. He was drafted by the US Air Force as a CCT. He's the fastest and 2nd smallest person of 2nd platoon. He is also used as a tunnel rat when neccesary


Born in Boston he was born with a love for baseball and a loud mouth. He is the youngest of his 6 brothers, and also the smallest. He never payed attention to anything about the war instead he watched sports scores. When he was kicked out of the University of Massachusets for fighting he was drafted by the US Air Force. His speed, size, and skill in air controlling got him into the MACV.


  • Winchester Model 1912
  • M1917 Bayonet
  • M1911A1
  • M18 Smoke Grenade
  • Willy Pete Grenade